About Us


FlikThru - born of a passion for quality magazines

FlikThru is a passion project run by Logical Connections, who work closely with large, boutique and independent publishers to produce, print and distribute high quality and premium magazines across the world. We only work with the very best and look to push the boundaries of what is possible in print, production and distribution.

"We love the medium so so much... - to 'flikthru' a quality magazine and see and feel the personality, textual content and visual impact... with the best publications you can go back to them time and time again and they just keep on giving. Sadly, we could see that the best publications were being lost online surrounded by pale imitations and low quality mass content.

We know first-hand the passion and energy that goes into creating each issue of a truly great publication... a lot of blood, sweat and tears... there is so much work! In the real world you can discern the difference in quality immediately, but online, it was too hard to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. We just felt that the best magazines deserved to be presented better. By curating for you what's great and what's not... we believe we are giving to our visitors the best of what is out there and opening a door to something of real joy. It's our passion, hopefully it will become your passion too"
Greig Scott, Founder of Logical Connections

We love our work and we look for that quality, passion and energy in the titles that we present here in Flikthru. If it is on Flikthru, it is because we believe it stands out on many levels. Any title on Flikthru really is deserving of its place at the top table.

If you are interested in the Flikthru project for whatever reason or would like to feedback, please don't hestitate to contact us at support@flikthru.co.uk.

If you have a publication you'd like us to consider, or are considering launching a publication... please contact us on hello@logicalconnections.co.uk. We'd love to hear from you!