Red Bulletin: The Art of Reinvention

Red Bulletin: The Art of Reinvention
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  Adaptability. It's one of humanity's greatest talents; the capability to change up to... more
- "Red Bulletin: The Art of Reinvention"
Adaptability. It's one of humanity's greatest talents; the capability to change up to survive, thrive and ascend to the top of the food chain. In this issue, the Red Bulletin's cover stars, siblings Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton are a textbook example. Switching from BMX to downhill MTB afer a move to the country, they've become the sport's all time greats. What to do when you've acheived all your bike can deliver? Reinvent the bike, And resculpt a mountain to train up the next generation of champions.
A surfer in search of a challenge, Sérgio Cosme became one of Nazaré’s best rescue pilots; in 2017, he towed Rodrigo Koxa to the biggest wave ever surfed. After Lazarus Lake surmised he’d never be the greatest ultramarathon runner, he endeavoured instead to become the most fiendish race-planner. Actor Brie Larson kindled an Oscar-winning CV from two decades of casting rejections. And sports-climbing legend Liv Sansoz channelled a career-ending injury into a quest to scale every four-thousander in the Alps. It's hard not to find inspiration in these stories.
This issue of Red Bulletin (The Art of Reinvention) includes:


  • Back on top: French climber Liv Sansoz’s 82-summit triumph
  • Wrap culture: the edible packaging revolution
  • The ‘Poké Ball’ that reveals the mysteries of the ocean’s depths
  • Shauna Coxsey on why her 2020 Olympics dream is within reach
  • Rebooting the server: robot waiter OriHime-D
  • Relative strengths: Joseph and Ranulph Fiennes are on a mission
  • Seeing red: the Mars Curiosity rover
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg’s French film classics


  • Border force: running the length of China’s iconic Great Wall is like racing back through history
  • Follow the drill: Hypervolt – the fitness innovation used by elite athletes to regenerate sore, stiff muscles
  • The psychology of fear: Inside the terrifying Resident Evil 2 videogame reboot, and the psychology of fear
  • This month’s highlights on Red Bull TV
  • Essential dates for your calendar
  • Dark arts: motocross by moonlight


  • Brie Larson Screen hero, real-life inspiration
  • Yann Pissenem Revitalising Ibiza’s party scene
  • Jayda G From killer whales to killer tunes
  • Steel Warriors Fighting knife crime with fitness
  • Lazarus Lake Tracking down Mr Ultramarathon
  • The Athertons The first family of downhill MTB
  • Nazaré jet-ski rescue Saving lives in the big-wave capital
  • Root Manoeuvres Mountain-biking kit you must own
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