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UBIKWIST celebrates Diversity. This biannual, international, independent publication evokes global perspective and features emerging as well as established talent across all genres of popular culture: Fashion, Beauty, Music, Art, Film, Design, Illustration and Reportage.

UBIKWIST seeks to be an authentic source of influence and opinions, fortified by alternative writing with a consistently progressive vision. It fosters creativity through inspiration rather than dictation, with a keen eye on cultural sustainability. This visually luxurious, eclectic, multi-cultural publication satiates the appetite of anyone seeking enrichment. By combining new innovative talent with unique ideas, UBIKWIST pushes boundaries and exceeds expectations of what a magazine can offer with thorough and consistent audacity.

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Ubikwist - Issue 09
Ubikwist - Issue 09
UBIKWIST closes out this decade and welcomes in the next with WOMAN, an issue featuring women who are shaping the world culturally, politically, artistically, and socially. Artists Vanessa German, Alexandria Smith, Simone Leigh, Xaviera...
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