FlikThru is an online portal owned and managed by The Logical Choice Group Ltd (TLC), that publicises and sells individual copies & subscriptions of high-calibre third-party publications and magazines (Titles). These Titles can be sold in either digital or physical form. The service typically lists the most current issue and recent back issues.

The Flikthru service is promoted and available to the general public at and via other online and social channels controlled by LC and bearing the name Flikthru.

A visual landing page that summarises the content of each issue is used to promote the Title.

Flikthru handles management of the order, payments and pick, pack and post.

Revenue Share

The item will be sold at a cover price set by the Publisher. A revenue share is agreed between Flikthru and the Publisher, based on the value of the item and factoring in any promotional work that is agreed.


For the purposes of selling physical items on Flikthru, items are stored within our Pick, Pack and Post facility. Large storage requirements can be agreed on request.


Publishers are free to terminate a Flikthru agreement at any time. In the event of termination, the Title will be removed from sale online within 7 working days. Any outstanding orders (received up to the removal of the Title from sale) will be honoured. In the event of termination, the Publisher is then responsible for the cost of destroying or moving the remaining stock and/or any ongoing storage that is required.