Fishes of the Orinoco

Fishes of the Orinoco

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“…the most anticipated fish book for 2020.” – PFK Magazine

Imagine yourself floating in a crystal-clear river filled with some of your favorite tropical fish.  When you look down at the river bottom you see Stingrays and schools of Corydoras.  When you look to your right you see Cardinal tetras, and to your left you witness schools of Severum cichlids.

You lie there, motionless, observing, and narrating what you see, what the fish do.
That’s what’s in this book.

First hardback edition October 2020
Edition of 2000 copies
Casebound Hard Cover
Format: 10 x 10in / 252 x 252mm Portrait
Text Pages: 392pp
Paper: Essential Silk 130gsm
Finishing: Anti Scuff Matt Laminate outer Cover & fix over 2500 boards, Round & Back with Green Head & Tail Bands. Sewn text into Cased Cover. Anti Scuff Matt Laminate outer Jacket and wrap around Book. Individually Shrink Wrapped.
ISBN 978-1-83853-883-5